Climate Conscious Yoga

Our first Climate Conscious Yoga took place in February 2020. Caroline Uchima from May Peace Prevail International and Angela from Wildcat Shakti and I worked with Pam, from the Surefoot Effect, to develop a programme of connecting, sharing and yoga and meditation practice to bring warmth, hope and inspiration to participants and explore how we respond, through yoga, to the climate crisis. Through shared practice and discussion, we reconnected with our relationship with the earth and explored how yoga helps us to handle fear and sadness and inspire us to action. We shared ideas about how we can work individually and collectively to share yoga for the climate crisis with others.

We held a digital event in February 2021. It was different being online; we missed the connection of sharing practices in the same physical space, yet it was wonderful to be able to share the day with folk from a wide range of locations in the UK and beyond.

Feedback from those who participated in the events:

  • a wonderful experience, connecting with like-minded people and with the connection we have with the environment
  • very relevant cohesive practices which helped us connect on many levels and create the personal space we need on and off the mat to take this important stuff forward
  • I feel I have moved on a great deal emotionally today
  • wonderful, inspiring, shakti raising, motivating
  • I feel more optimistic about our collective energy to move to create a more sustainable world
  • a safe space in which to express difficult feelings about climate change
  • I feel more positive and hopeful – active hope restored
  • calming, supportive, hopeful, encouraging, positive, restorative
  • I feel reinspired to make changes and hopeful for new connected action and learning
  • my connection to others and the wider environment has been recharged and deepened
  • Feeling better, more empowered and courageous
  • Feeling more spiritually connected
  • I have a renewed sense of wanting to trigger change in others

Angela, Caroline and I continue to facilitate collective Climate Conscious Action through a Climate Conscious Yoga Facebook Group and monthly digital ‘Yoga To Reconnect’ practices, designed to nurture and connect participants with each other, the earth and our power to create and sustain positive change for society, nature and the planet.

We’re working to grow through our Climate Conscious Collective and are keen to connect with others – do get in touch to share or learn more.

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